7 Table Setting Ideas Using Vintage

As I mentioned in my last blog, where I showed you how I styled my Easter dinner table, I absolutely love styling tables. It's my favourite part of the styling set-up for weddings and I get totally lost in the moment when I'm doing them. Here are 7 of my recent favourite set-ups, all using vintage items of course...




I have a thing for blue & white and recently took full advantage of the bluebells that are currently in my garden. This is a really simple way of adding a pretty detail to your place setting, that is simple and cost-effective. You could change it to any flower that suited your scheme.





I love to use ribbons or lace to tie up vintage cutlery on a place setting, and went for alternate blue & pink ribbons on this table, to pick out the detail in the vintage tablecloth. These napkins were handmade and work perfectly to pick out the brights without being too much. These are easy ways to add detail to your wedding tables without taking too much effort or cost, and you could go one step further and add a luggage tag on the ribbon as a name card.


Vintage Amy Styling-Vintage Summer Place Setting

You don't always have to use a cloth on your table, and can add a vintage doily as your place mat straight onto a wooden table for a more casual feel. This look desires a little more detail than that with a cloth, and so I have used flowers to create drama and styled them to show off the various elements of the table setting. These pink flowers, together with the peach of the vintage ribbon, pick out the floral detail in the vintage china and the white balances it all out perfectly.





Another blue & white favourite, with more classic details this time. I've used vintage china, as per usual, but this set is a little more refined, and I have also added a vintage lace tablecloth on top of the larger white one for an added layer. My favourite flowers are hydrangeas, and so I've used them here to create a contrast in colour and texture.





Adorned with vintage pretties, I love this stunning yet subtle table setting. I think these are my favourite colours and textures - neutrals with pops of colour and lots of vintage lace and ribbon. You can gather a few twigs of lavender to use on a place setting to create a pretty statement but also to tie the name tag on to, which in turn can act as a wedding favour. Or here I've added a stamped tag and pressed flowers to a frame as the place setting. I love this setting and it would look stunning at a whimsical vintage wedding.


Vintage Amy Styling-New Years Eve Dinner Party-Vintage Art Deco-Place Setting 2.jpg

This one's a bit different for me, but I thought I would include it to show you what you can do if you wanted a modern take on Art Deco for your wedding or dinner party. I have used a modern tablecloth and runner here but think it works perfectly with the vintage gold china and feather detail. It's a real wow table setting to impress.


Vintage Amy Styling-Vintage Easter Table-Place Setting

And last but by no means least I have included my Easter setting. Here the material used for the tablecloth is the stand-out piece, but I love how the floral pattern in the vintage china works perfectly with it and I have kept to the one metal, using gold throughout. My famous ribbon on cutlery again, this time with a contrasting floral pattern.


So there you have it, 7 table setting ideas for you all, all with vintage elements. What's your favourite?

Have you got an idea in mind for how you want your tables to look on your wedding day? Don't forget them, as the guests are sitting at the tables for a big part of the day so it would be nice for them to have something pretty to look at.

If you would like to take the table styling off of your long to-do list, or perhaps don't have time to play around with them when you want to be having a manicure, do get in touch here to discuss how I can help you by styling your dream wedding with beautiful vintage decor, or don't forget I hire it all out too.

Thanks for reading, VA x