4 Moodboards for Heirloom Wedding Inspiration

Photography:  Morgan Gosch

Photography: Morgan Gosch

Hello my lovelies. This week I wanted to show you some inspiration. One of my favourite parts of the initial stages of working with brides & groom to be is creating moodboards for them. I love to gather inspiration to start the design process, and it's a great starting point to begin our vision for the styling of their wedding day. The moodboard helps capture the initial thoughts of how the styling will look on the big day, and can be used to then create lots of little moodboards for each individual component of the wedding day styling.

As you may know, I like to use vintage in a fresh & modern way. I take my beautiful vintage items and pair them with modern items, or in a modern setting, to create a timeless and very romantic feel. An heirloom should be treasured and styled in a beautiful way to honour its history. Paired with beautiful soft textures, opulent floral arrangements and in a setting that does the piece justice. Here are four moodboards for you that may inspire you for your heirloom wedding design and styling...

Organic & Fresh Heirloom Wedding

I just love this moodboard, so fresh and natural. I love using soft textures within buildings that are a bit more rustic, industrial or run-down. By bringing together elements of nature with a very soft and gentle palette creates such a beautiful, timeless and breathtaking look for your wedding design. Mix this with heirloom pieces, and you will have the most stunning fresh, vintage wedding. Not a tea cup in site!

Precious Pinks Heirloom Wedding

How beautiful and dreamy are these colours!? Don't be afraid to stick to one colour palette. By taking various shades of pink, but mixing them with lots of soft textures, glass details and with lots of neutral elements, you can create a stunning wedding design. The overall styling you will achieve here will just wow your guests. I think it creates a really romantic and opulent wedding design.

Soft & Gentle Blues Heirloom Wedding

The combination of blues here are just beautiful. By mixing them with lots of foliage, clean white backdrops, wooden furniture and soft textures, you create an overall look that isn't at all cold, which is often what springs to mind when thinking of blue. This design is really rich and quite unique, so will impress your wedding guests. You could always add in some delicate blush or peach tones, if you wanted to bring in another colour for your overall look of the wedding styling.

Whimsical Gold & Lace Heirloom Wedding

When thinking of a whimsical wedding, think magical - soft & flowy fabrics, gentle colours, an abundance of candlelight, lots of foliage within your big bloomed flowers, and I love to use gold as my metal - bringing it all together. The look is really popular right now, and works well in a variety of wedding venues. It's a beautiful look for your wedding styling.

For me, what is really key in all of these moodboards is portraying vintage in a new light. Do you regularly look at images like this and not see vintage? I would love for you to now look again, spot the vintage items, the vintage decor, the vintage buildings & venues, the vintage lace. the vintage furniture, the modern pieces that have been created with pure inspiration from vintage items. Vintage does not have to be twee, rustic, shabby chic, mismatched or full of chintz. Take these items and pair them in a different way, and you can create a soft, elegant and romantic heirloom wedding.

Are you inspired by these moodboards? Would you love for me to create you one within the design brief for the styling of your wedding day? I cover the whole of the UK, although based in Kent and work a lot in London and Surrey, so I would love to chat to you about how I can help bring your weddings dreams to life. Let's create a beautiful, romantic and dreamy wedding, full of stunning vintage pieces placed perfectly and delicately within the styling of your wedding day. You can chat to me here.

Thanks for reading, VA x