Setting the Tone of your Wedding Day

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Hello lovely people. Today I’m popping back on to chat to you all about setting the tone for your wedding day. It’s a very important part if you care about how the day will feel to your guests and if you are keen to have a consistent look and feel throughout the day, that is super stylish but beautifully elegant and romantic. So I’m going to give you some hints and tips on working on this from the very beginning and throughout your wedding planning, in order to have the most elegant and romantic wedding day of your dreams.

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The Moodboard

A clear and well-designed moodboard is what you really need for setting the tone from the start and you can download my guide here on how to create one. It gives you tips on how to seek inspiration, and from the very beginning to really think about you both as a couple, how you can incorporate your personalities into the day and to be true to yourselves. Once you have created the moodboard, your wedding planning should become easier, as the moodboard is the basis for all key decisions and can be shared amongst your suppliers.

It’s super easy to be swayed by pretty pictures and by other people’s ideas, but ultimately you wedding day is about you both as a couple and celebrating your love, the rest is a bonus. Have a think about how you can bring your personalities into the day, what is important for you both, what likes and dislikes you have, how do you want the day to feel, how do you want the day to look, etc. Once you have thought about all of this, then think about what colours, textures, metals, details etc. showcase this, and how can you bring it all together.

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Choosing Suppliers

The moodboard comes in the design stage of your wedding, which is the part I love the most. Get this part right, and you are onto a winner. You can spot a well designed wedding a mile off, and it really shows when you have put lots of thoughtful planning in based on a well thought-out concept and a consistent design. When you have worked this all out from the very beginning and remember it throughout, it is a lot easier I promise. Always keep that ‘why’ at the forefront of your head, along with the designs you are working towards.

A tip for setting the tone for your guests from the beginning is to work on the concept and design before you send the invites out, therefore you can pick the right stationer for the tone you are looking to create. For example, I would choose a fine art calligrapher for an elegant and romantic wedding design. I would share my moodboard with them and have a beautiful and personalised invitation suite created. I would then use the same designer to work on all stationery for the wedding, such as menus and place-cards, etc. in order to keep consistency.

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The Details

If you are aiming for the tone of your wedding to be soft, elegant and romantic - which I hope you will be if you are here on my blog - then I recommend thinking of this with every single element you bring into your wedding. I mentioned the wedding stationery above, but you will soon come to realise that there are a lot of individual elements that you need to plan for your wedding day. Set the tone with every single one of them by picking the right suppliers, sharing your ideas and moodboard and caring about the details.

There are many individual elements that you will need to consider, as I mentioned, and a key one is the flowers. The floral design can make or break a good wedding design and I believe them to be an essential part of the wedding day. Choose the right florist and be sure they are aware of the style you are wanting, plus don’t forget that moodboard! Other elements that will encapsulate an elegant and romantic wedding are the tableware that you choose, the furniture, the signage, and much much more.

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I could talk for ages about the tone of your wedding and how to achieve a consistent one, showcasing soft, gentle, romantic and elegant wedding day. But in a nutshell - really think and plan how you want your wedding day to look and feel, what is important to you, how are you going to show your personalities and love for each other. Then it is moodboard time, which you should take your time over to get just right, using this throughout all of your wedding planning journey. Lastly, think about the details - this is what will shine.

I realise this can all be a little overwhelming, and that is where I come in! Feel free to drop me a line here if you want to chat about this all a little more, or have any questions you want to ask. If you would like to chat about working with me, there are a range of ways that I can help you. I could help you really set the tone we have talked about here by designing a day for you that you take away to make a reality. Or I can work with you throughout the whole planning period, to design and style your dream day. Drop me a line here and let’s chat.

Thanks so much for reading, Amy x

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