What is an Event Designer and Wedding Stylist?

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Fine Art Wedding Stationery

Hello and welcome back! So lovely to have you here and today I want to chat to you about what I do. I get lots of people (not in the wedding industry) ask me what I do. A wedding stylist is a fairly new phenomenon for people. Planners have been around for a while now and most are aware of the role that they perform, but wedding stylists and event designers are a little more unknown, so let’s chat about what it is that I do…

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Why choose a wedding stylist?

Let’s start at the beginning - why would someone choose to have a wedding stylist? But before we get going, let’s remember we’re talking about what I do as an event designer and wedding stylist, as each stylist will vary in what they do. But ultimately a wedding stylist’s goal is to give you a stunningly visual and beautifully styled wedding day. We will think about all of the details in your wedding that need to be styled - for me that is from styling the carefully chosen stationery suite through to how the venue will look as a whole.

Couples are likely to choose to work with a wedding stylist if they really care about how their day is going to look and feel. They will want a really beautiful day to wow their guests and they will want their venue to be at its very best. They may also want to take an element off of their to do list, or realise that they do not want to be dressing the venue the day before the wedding and want to hand it over to an expert’s hands. Or they could have very limited access from the venue and need someone to step in and set up.

You should view a wedding stylist or wedding designer as an expert in their field. Sure, it is an investment, and one not available to all, but it is an investment worth making if you care about the details and need an expert’s assistance in bringing all the elements that you may have thought about together. Wedding stylists will bring together their experience of knowing what colours, textures and details work together, how you can bring in your personalities creatively and how to style a venue for maximum impact, as well as a lot more including bringing in wedding suppliers that they know will work for the whole aesthetic.

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Dusky Pink Moodboard
The Timeless Stylist-Romantic and Elegant Wedding Styling-Wedding Designer
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Moodboarding
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Fine Art Wedding Moodboard
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Fine Art Wedding Design
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Moodboarding
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Styling-Silk Ribbons

The design stage

I like to work with my couples as early as possible into their wedding planning. It is usually after they have found their venue and they are then thinking about the visual side of things. It could be before this - perhaps you have a venue style in mind and need assistance in sourcing it, it’s kind of up to you in how involved I get. Key for me is to chat to you both about your likes and dislikes, your personalities and love story, and about your wishes for the day. We will then have a scout around the venue.

After finding out as much about you as possible and chatting about the venue and all it has to offer, I will come up with some moodboard options. It is important you realise that these are purely for inspiration - to give you ideas for how your wedding could look and feel. The images are never replicated and I like to bring my creativity with your personalities to design a truly unique and authentic wedding day. Once we have chosen the moodboard that will work for you, I create a design brief detailing how I will bring all of the elements together.

Another thing to bear in mind is that each wedding stylist has a different aesthetic - a unique style that they can bring to your wedding. It is really important that you a pick a stylist (and this goes for all the wedding suppliers that you choose) that works for you. Look at their work, their Instagram and their website, their tone of voice, and is it a good representation of the style of wedding day you would like. I design and style elegant and romantic weddings using stunning heirloom pieces, creating a beautiful day that has an overall timeless feel to it.

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How I make it happen

Once we have the design brief perfect I will then work to make it a reality. This will usually be over a long period of time, as we don’t rush this process. I will recommend suppliers that we work with to help bring the design to life - like the florist, stationery designer, tableware provider, furniture supplier, anyone that will be needed for me to style the perfect wedding day. I will liaise with these suppliers and also source anything else that is needed, such as small decor items like frames and candles, etc.

I’m available on email and phone as much as you need over the time that we work together and we are likely to have around 3 meetings at the venue also. What is also included in my service, that not all stylists offer, is a range of props. I have a selection of pieces of furniture, brassware, candlesticks, vases, and lots more, that I include in within my styling packages. These are all carefully selected heirloom pieces that work within my elegant and romantic style. Anything I don’t have that is needed I will source for you.

So that leads me to the last - but probably most important part - of the process. The wedding itself! From the months of organising, designing, sourcing and creating I will bring it all together to create your stunningly beautiful wedding day. I will start the set-up as soon as I am allowed access to the venue, ideally the day before, and work with our chosen suppliers to bring it all together. I am very detail focussed, so I will take lots of love and care to style each individual element, creating a soft and elegant wedding day you will always remember.

So do you now know what a wedding stylist does? As I said, it is important to remember that each stylist works differently. For me, the design is key and a very important part of the process. If we get this right, nailed with my expert styling, you will have a beautiful and consistently styled wedding day that will wow you and your wedding guests.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions on any of this or what I do. Or if you want to chat through any event design or wedding styling questions. You can drop me a line here or my email is amy@thetimelessstylist.co.uk, I’d love to chat to you. Plus you can see my services here.

Thanks so much for reading, Amy x

Above photography is by Hannah Duffy, Claire Graham and Tia Talula.