What Does a Wedding Stylist Do?


Hello lovelies! This week I am discussing what us wedding stylists do, and how we can help you during all of that wedding planning. Pop your feet up and grab a cuppa, and read on...

Wedding planners have been around for quite a long time now, and most people are pretty much aware of them, however wedding stylists are still a fairly new phenomenon. I get a lot of 'so what do you actually do?' and whilst I love talking about the process and explaining it in detail, and it's always a lot easier in person, I thought I'd write down what it is we do for you to have a peruse over. Or what it is I do, as wedding stylists do tend to vary.

From the moment you decide to give me the greatest honour of allowing me to be your wedding stylist, we get the creative juices going. The first step will be to meet you both at the wedding venue and after getting to know each other, we will chat about any ideas you already have and any wishes that you may have towards the styling and decor of your wedding. If you're unsure of how want your day to look and feel, we'll arrange a brainstorming session and discuss lots of ideas for the design of your day. I then get to do a part I love (well I pretty much love it all!) and I produce a design brief for your wedding day. Along with a master moodboard, I will produce a document outlining all of the individual styling elements of your wedding day - from your wedding tables through to how to display your cake and the stationery that we will use - covering all in lots of detail. Example above of one of my moodboards.

We can then meet again or chat over the phone to discuss the design brief, the bits you love and any bits you're unsure of. I'll go away and make it just perfect for you both. Then the fun begins and I make it happen! I'll bring the plan to life, from finding the perfect tables and chairs to meet the design brief to assisting you in choosing a florist that will work for the styling we choose, I will work away at putting all of the elements together to create your dream wedding day. I have a ton of suppliers to recommend to you and I like to work closely and liaise with the ones that help bring to life the styling - like the florist, stationery provider and furniture company for example. 

Whilst I'm planning away at all of the elements needed to give you the most beautiful and romantic wedding day ever, you will know it's in capable hands and you can have fun with the rest of the planning that you will need to undertake. When we get closer to your wedding date we will meet at the venue and go over all of my plans, working out the finer details and I will talk you through how the day is going to look and discuss anything you're unsure of. We can meet with any other suppliers necessary and you can really get excited, as it won't be long until your wonderful wedding day! And throughout the whole time that we are working together I will be regularly contacting you, we can have lots of chats on the phone and on email.

Photography:  Maxeen Kim Photography

Another fabulous part to working with me is that you have full use of my prop hire collection, which you can see here. From pieces of vintage furniture, to candlesticks and vases, and elegant vintage tableware, you name it I have it. I will work out what items from my collection will work within my design and then use it within my styling, all complimentary within the package. And if I don't have it, I will find someone that does.

Vintage Amy Wedding Stylist-Timeless Wedding Styling London-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Reception

And then we get to your day. Your wedding day, one of the best day of your lives and the day that I will give my utmost to. I will style the venue to my heart's content, either the day before or on the day (or both) - whenever we have access. I will stay there until every detail is just right, moving things just so and working with the other suppliers to give you the most beautifully styled venue that will take you, and your guests', breath away. It is my favourite part, knowing that I have captured my couples' wedding day to exactly how we discussed. I like to bring in your personalities, your likes and loves and your wishes, and combine that all together to create an exquisitely styled wedding day. Oh and I take it all away afterwards as well! All you have to do is get ready for your day, celebrate your day and have the best time, and then go on honeymoon. Perfect right?

So there you have it, what I do! That's pretty much it in a nutshell, but obviously each couple is very different and I will tailor my work to each couples' needs. Oh and you get a lovingly wrapped gift too! 

Are you getting married? Would you love to know that your dream day can be designed and styled whilst you can concentrate on the bigger picture of the wedding planning, and of course know that you will walk into the most perfectly styled venue whilst you have been leisurely getting married? If yes to any of these, let's chat! You can drop me a line here, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, VA x