My Favourite Heirloom Pieces for Wedding Styling

The Timeless Stylist-Antique Wedding Glasses.jpg

Hello! Lovely to have you back. Today I wanted to chat about using heirloom pieces within your wedding styling and show you some of my favourite pieces that I like to use in my prop collection, and that are often featured within my elegant and romantic wedding styling.

An heirloom is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations, and I love to use these pieces as much as I can. Firstly, they have wonderful history and stories behind them, and often mean so much. There is also something about an heirloom that you could just never achieve from a modern item. The detailing, the way it is made, its uniqueness, its beauty, I could go on.

The Timeless Stylist-Antique Engagement Ring.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Antique Cutlery.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Cut Glass Candle Holders.jpg

Above, you will see how I used some of my heirloom pieces at a recent styling project, all captured by lovely Claire Graham Photography. Old, beautiful stamps that have been in a family collection for years can be used as part of your wedding stationery styling or on hte stationery themselves, and if you are lucky enough to have an heirloom engagement ring, don't forget to capture this too. This particular ring is my engagement ring that is an antique, I'm sure there is some lovely history behind it.

You can even include heirloom pieces on your wedding tables, such as in the shape of antique cut glass glasses or antique cutlery, or lovely antique candlesticks such as these glass ones. I also have a number of brass ones, some passed down by family members. Imagine the generations that all of these have been passed through and the stories they could tell! Personally I think these items are so much prettier and delicate than anything you will find on the High Street today.

The Timeless Stylist-Antique Mirror.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Antique Perfume Bottle.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Antique Chaise Longue.jpg

All of the above shots were captured at editorial shoots, created to inspire you for your elegant and romantic wedding day styling. The top photo was captured by wonderful Helen Warner Photography, showing my antique hand-mirror given to me by my step-children with an unknown history behind it. The bottom two were were shot by the very talented Hannah Duffy Photography, featuring a perfume bottle from my collection and a lovely, delicately shabby antique chaise. As well as using delicate pieces, I also love to use heirloom furniture within my wedding design and styling.

It is important to think outside the box with your wedding styling, and use your heirloom or antique pieces in different ways. Items don't always have to be used for their purpose and it would be lovely to dot memorable items around your wedding venue that guests can be wowed over. For example there are so many vessels that can be used for flowers, not just actual vases. And think about perhaps wearing a meaningful piece of jewellery or pinning it on your dress or bouquet somewhere.

The Timeless Stylist-Antique Chair.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Blue and White Wedding Tablescape.jpg
The Timeless Stylist-Heirloom Wedding.jpg

Recently my dear mother in-law passed away. We had a lot in common in terms of loving beautiful, old things and being creative. I'm so fortunate to have been given a few special heirloom pieces from her collection, such as this poetry book that has been passed down through generations, this pretty blue & white trinket box that was given to her by her mother, and many other lovely bits such as her Grandmother's antique champagne saucers.

I'm a big believer in displaying such precious items and using them if you can. Such as the glasses I use all of the time, and this poetry book will be displayed somewhere poignant. If you have similar items or even antique pieces you have bought, I would consider using them on your wedding day. Either for display purposes on a beautiful piece of furniture, or perhaps as inspiration for the romantic and elegant design for your wedding styling.

What do you think? Will you be using heirloom pieces on your wedding day? Perhaps you hadn't considered them but now do? I truly believe they are so much more beautiful than modern pieces and by using them delicately, styled classically and softly, with an abundance of flowers and other beautiful pieces, you are onto a winning style for your romantic and elegant wedding day.

If you want to chat further about anything I've mentioned here, I'd love to hear from you and you can drop me a line here. Thanks for reading, Amy x