Why Creating a Moodboard is so Important for your Wedding

The Timeless Stylist-How to Create a Moodboard-UK Wedding Designer & Wedding Stylist

Hello you lovely lot and welcome back. This week I’ve decided to talk about my favourite thing - moodboarding. I’ve spoken about it before in various way, but this week I’m going to be talking about why it is such an important part when you are designing anything - a home, an event, a shop, a launch, a photography shoot and of course, a wedding. For now I’m going to talk about the why, and all that is behind it, and next week I’m going to talk about the how - and give you some guidance on how to create one for yourself and how to use it in the best possible way for your wedding planning. But for now let’s chat about why creating a moodboard is so important in the design stage of your wedding planning…

The Beginning…

The Timeless Stylist-How to Create a Wedding Moodboard-Wedding Stylist UK
The Timeless Stylist-How to have a Pinterest Wedding-Wedding Stylist UK

Let’s go back to the beginning. If you read last week’s blog post (you can catch it here if not), and I have also mentioned this on other blog posts and in my Instagram posts too (you can start following me on Instagram here if you don’t already), you will see how important I think inspiration is. Before you begin any kind of wedding planning or wedding design or event planning, I advise you to think of your why. Why are you getting married? Why are you together? What is your love story? What is special about you as a couple? What do you both love? What do you want to portray? What inspires you? What tone do you want to set? How do you want your guests to feel from your wedding day?

Have a really good think about all of these things to start setting your inspiration for your very special day. Have a brainstorming session and think about all of the above. Take a lot of time on it and definitely don’t rush it. This will all form the basis of your wedding planning, whilst playing a huge part in your wedding design, so really do invest some time into it. Telling your story in your wedding is what will make it truly unique. So by seeking the inspiration behind your story, you can begin the design stage. Combine this with your priorities and what is really important to you. After you have thought about your story, your inspiration and your priorities and wishes, have a good Pinterest session and start compiling images that showcase all of this.

The Fun Part…

The Timeless Stylist-Wedding Planning Moodboard Tips-Wedding Designer and Wedding Stylist South East England
The Timeless Stylist-Wedding Planning Moodboard Tips-Wedding Designer and Wedding Stylist South East England

I always advise to leave as much time as possible for seeking the above inspiration and then to start pinning images that show this inspiration and what you love. Pin away and have real fun on Pinterest, and then whittle the images down. You are looking to end up with a board (or boards) of images that showcase your inspiration, that are in harmony and that represent your love story. Go back to those priorities and wishes, and pick the images that represent these. And from then on you can create a moodboard from the chosen selection. The moodboard will need to be harmonious in style, pick out your chosen colour palette and be completely representative of the style of wedding that you are looking to create.

The reason why this is so important, is this is going to be your visual guide throughout your wedding planning. We are not looking to replicate the images, but we are looking for the bank of images to be a representation of what you are looking to create. If you are wanting a wedding day that is beautifully romantic, elegant and timeless in style - you will need to create a moodboard that showcases this and can always be referred to throughout your wedding planning. I use my moodboards to communicate this message to all of the suppliers that I work with on my wedding designs, so any supplier you are contacting for your wedding planning will see what you are looking to convey and can offer their own interpretation from the tone and style you have set.

Creating a Book of Moodboards

The Timeless Stylist-How to begin wedding planning-Wedding Stylist UK
The Timeless Stylist-Dusky Pink Fine Art Wedding Moodboard-Wedding Stylist UK

I like to then take it one step further, and I create a moodboard for every single styling element. So within your wedding planning, break down all of the styled areas and elements that there will be - personal flowers, venue flowers, wedding breakfast tables, ceremony, stationery, bar area… etc., basically any single part of your wedding that has some styling to it. By creating a moodboard for each of these, you are really capturing the style and tone and enabling this to come through to the supplier. Remember to keep consistent with the colours and photography style and why note put this into a PDF document with notes, this is what I do for all of my clients. For my weddings I go into a lot of detail, basically the more detail the better.

So that’s the why of moodboarding for your wedding planning and next week I’m going to tell you how I create my moodboards, giving you lots of tips and advice on the whole process. As I said, I do love a moodboard. Along with setting a budget and securing the right venue for you, it’s the perfect start to your wedding planning and will set you off perfectly in designing and creating a wedding that is beautiful, well designed and perfect for your guests and you as a couple. If you want to chat to me more about moodboarding, you can drop me a line here. This is also part of one of my services - Inspiration & Styling Kickstarter - where I design your wedding for you and kick start your wedding planning, which you can see here.

Thanks for reading,
Amy x

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