6 Top Tips for Making Your Own Moodboard

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Hello lovely people. I’m back this week and as promised, I’m talking about how I put my moodboards together. Last week I chatted about the ‘why’ behind the moodboard. Why they are a very important part of the wedding design process and how you can use them, and you can read the post here. So this week I wanted to share my top tips on how I create them. I love making moodboards for my wedding couples and my editorial shoots, so hopefully this can help you with your moodboards too, to be used within your wedding design and wedding planning. So read on for my top tips…

What are your Concept Aspirations

Photography by  Tia Talula Photography

Photography by Tia Talula Photography

When I am sitting down with my couples before we start the design process of their wedding planning, I always talk about what their aspirations are. How do they want to feel from their wedding, how do they want their guests to feel, what story do they want to tell and we then discuss any initial ideas that they may have at that point.

We will spend a long time brainstorming this part and really getting to know each other. So my first top tip for the wedding design stage is really taking time to think about the concept you will be creating for your wedding day, and the style you will be looking to set. The concept is the overall tone you will be setting for your day and how it will be brought together in the wedding planning.

How to Seek Inspiration

Your inspiration can come from anywhere. It’s a big part of the design process and shouldn’t be rushed. When I am designing a styled wedding shoot, I often seek inspiration from a poem or a story I have written or nature. With a wedding design, I chat to my couple about their personalities, their love story, what they love and anything that has inspired them behind their initial ideas they have for their wedding.

For this stage you may already have inspiration or a part of your personalities that you want to build from, or you may want to spend some time thinking about what is going to inspire you behind your wedding design. Think about the items I have mentioned and go back to how you want your wedding day to feel for you and your guests.

Pick your Colour Palette

Photography by  Claire Graham Photography

You may already have some colours in mind that you want to use in your wedding design or you may be stumped at this point. Colours are generally very personal and so you want to pick colours that you love. I also advise to pick colours that will work with your overall design and that will work with your venue. For example if you have a beautiful period property with busy colours, you will need a more neutral palette.

As well as picking colours that work with your venue, also think of the colours that work together. I advise to pick between 3 and 5 colours or shades that work well and compliment each other. Pick shades in a variety of tones. If you are looking to create an elegant and romantic wedding design with a timeless feel, choose gentle shades and tones, creating an overall softer palette.

Have a Pinterest Session

Photography by  Claire Graham Photography

I love Pinterest, I think most creative people do. Although it can be very overwhelming if you are a newly engaged couple. You might not be seeing a consistent style or have pinned so many images that you can’t ever imagine being able to make decisions. As a Pinterest expert, I advise a few different ways that can help you with this stage of your wedding planning.

Don’t be afraid to pin a lot of images at first but then go back to steps 1, 2 and 3. Which of these images work with your concept? Which tell your story? Which work with the venue? And which are the right colours that you have chosen. Whittle it all down and start deleting any that you don’t feel are working, aren’t telling the right story or are too dark in colour, for example.

Choose the Perfect Images

Photography by  Claire Graham Photography

Maybe the most important part. If we go back to last week’s post and talk about the why behind creating a moodboard, let’s remember we are creating one to set a tone for your wedding day. To capture the perfect feeling from a selected few images that tell a story. We want to be able to share it with all chosen suppliers and for them to understand your exact style of your wedding design from the moodboard.

So why not go back to your Pinterest board and pick out a few key images that really mean something to you, they make your heart sing, they work harmoniously with each other, they depict your story and put together, will be beautiful. I advise to use the same photography style throughout - ie. fine art, and never put an image on there that will be misleading or have the wrong colour palette.

Create the Moodboard

Photography by  Tia Talula Photography

Photography by Tia Talula Photography

This is when you can have fun creating the beautiful moodboard. Go to those chosen images in Pinterest and save them onto your computer. You can then put them together into a moodboard either electronically (like the one at the very top of the page) or cut them out and pop them on a board or even on the wall, if you would prefer a tactile version.

I advise to pick out the colours too. If you are creating an electronic one you could perhaps use a software like Canva, or you could use BlogStomp and PowerPoint, which is what I use. There are many ways, but be sure to remember the above points and you will be onto a winner with creating a beautiful moodboard to use throughout all of your wedding design and wedding planning.

I do like to go one step further with my wedding planning and wedding design, and I create what I call a LookBook or design brief. This is a series of moodboards for each key styled area at the wedding - ie. ceremony, tablescape, venue flowers, personal flowers, etc. and I add notes and guidance, so it can be used to show all suppliers that you end up working with.

If you feel overwhelmed at this design stage, perhaps I can help you with this very important part. Take a look at how I can help you here and drop me a line if you have any questions here. It is so important to get the design stage of your wedding planning just right, picking the perfect suppliers to achieve all of the carefully chosen elements you have your heart set on.

Thanks for reading,
Amy x