How to seek Inspiration for your Wedding Design

Photography by  Hannah Duffy Photography

Following on from my last two blog posts about why to create a moodboard for your wedding, and then how to create a wedding moodboard, I thought I’d chat this week about how to seek inspiration for your wedding design, or for design in general that could also be applied to creating a styled shoot or an event of any kind. The inspiration stage is the very first stage and is integral for creating a unique and personal wedding or event design. So let’s chat inspiration…

Photography by  Hannah Duffy Photography

It should be from the heart

I often get asked where I get my inspiration from, and whilst it differs slightly dependent on if it is for a wedding, a styled editorial shoot, a brand event or a dinner party, the overall aim is the same - it should always be unique. Inspiration should be sought before you go on Pinterest or look at magazines, before you look at other people’s work and it should always be from the heart.

When I sit down with my couples on our very first meeting, I spend a long time getting to know them - finding out about how they met, how they got engaged, what they love, what they do and just chat for a while. This will then provide me with some ideas about how I can bring their personalities, their loves and their story into their wedding design.

Photography by  Tia Talula Photography

Photography by Tia Talula Photography

Go outdoors to seek inspiration

Whilst inspiration behind my wedding design is very focussed on the couple and their story, it may also be that we seek inspiration from nature, a season, a flower or a beautiful building for instance. It varies wedding to wedding, as some couples may have a very clear idea from the beginning, some couples may follow my lead or some couples could be really keen to have a big brainstorming session for ideas.

If you are not keen to use nature or the outside as inspiration, that’s fine. Go back to your love story and how do you want this to have an impact on your wedding? How do you want to show the two of you to all your guests? What words can you think of to describe how you want you and your wedding guests to feel? What colours represent this? What is key for you for your day?

Photography by  Hannah Duffy Photography

Take your inspiration and work it to the venue

Once you’ve had a really long think about your inspiration and where it’s coming from, go back to your chosen wedding venue if you can. Take a really long walk around it and check out all the nooks and crannies. Whilst you’re doing this, think about the inspiration you have captured from all of your brainstorming and work out how the two marry together.

How will you be able to tell your love story in the chosen venue? How will the season you love and you have chosen to base your wedding design around, work? What colours are you inspired by, that work with your story and the venue. Colours play a very important part in telling a story - for example, a soft and gentle palette speaks elegance, romance and understatement.

The Timeless Stylist Wedding Design-Fine Art Neutral Palette Moodboard.PNG

Showing your inspiration

Once you have thought about your inspiration, spent time at the venue and noted down all of the things that are really important for you both for your wedding day, it is time to encapsulate that inspiration into a mood. Remember, you are looking to create a moodboard that sets a mood, a tone and a feeling - you are not looking to copy anything and you want your own unique and beautiful day.

And then throughout all of your wedding planning, always think back to your inspiration and the moodboard - this will help the design be consistent and for your story to shine through. The overall aim is for all elements you choose for your wedding to be inline with your initial design, for them to be harmonious and for the inspiration to shine through in a delicate way.

Photography by  Hannah Duffy Photography

But what about for a styled shoot?

And for those of you that were keen to know this, it’s very similar for a styled editorial shoot. I will usually start by writing a story on the piece of inspiration I have selected. For example, I am currently designing a shoot based on a poem and one on some old love letters. It’s a really good idea to base your shoot on a story - it will be unique and from the heart. As all good designs should be.

When it comes to smaller events or dinner parties, the inspiration is very heavily based on the venue and the mood and the nature of the event. But overall, always remember to be seek inspiration from the very beginning, create it from the heart and don’t stray from it throughout planning the wedding or event. And if you have any questions, drop me a line here.

Thanks for reading, Amy x