Stately Home Wedding Venue: Bradbourne House

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Hello! So last week’s blog post was all about beautiful Boconnoc - a stunning wedding venue with accommodation in Cornwall. And I promised some more beautiful venues for you over the next few weeks, including styling tips for the kind of venues I am sharing. This week I am sharing Bradbourne House, a stunning stately home wedding venue in Kent. Fancy taking a look…!?

Bradbourne House - the Venue

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Bradbourne House dates back to 1650 and is a grand and opulent building in stunning grounds, which is the perfect combination for a wedding. It is Kent and a stone’s throw away from London, so perfect for a beautiful stately home wedding venue in a central location. It has a red-brick exterior with stunning details in the windows and architecture, and inside it has a number of beautiful rooms with more exquisite detailing, so a dream for a couple looking to get married in a period property.

The rooms at Bradbourne House offer a variety of options for your wedding, and it is exclusive use so you get the whole building to yourselves on your wedding day. All of the rooms are beautiful, and will wow your guests, and you also have a lovely bridal suite to get married in. The decor is opulent, so you will need to carefully consider your styling and the colour palette you choose. Which is why I’ve shared below my advice on designing and styling your wedding day when you have beautiful but grand period details to compete with.

Wedding Design for a Stately Home Wedding Venue

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You might be surprised to hear that I spend longer designing a wedding than I do styling it. The design process is the integral part to ensure you have a consistently styled day. I spend a long period of time at the chosen wedding venue with my couples, exploring all the nooks & crannies and seeing all of the options. At this point I play close attention to the colour of the building and rooms the windows, the carpet - the whole venue and its details. I then go back and create a design that works harmoniously with the wedding venue, as well as incorporating my couple’s wishes and my unique touches.

Colours are a big part of the design. I choose 3-5 shades that work together, work with the venue and that mean something to the couple. They may also be seasonal. If the wedding venue has a busy carpet or a bold colour on the wall, do consider this and I would choose a neutral palette that doesn’t clash. I then think about metals, textures and fabrics. If the period property, like Bradbourne House does, has gold and gilt details, I ensure I choose gold and brass details within my design. At this stage I seriously consider the florals we can use both on the tables and in the venue, which play such an important role.

Wedding Styling for a Stately Home Wedding Venue

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Within the above design work, I would have carefully chosen a lot of glassware if we are contending with bold period details. Glassware works well as it’s so gentle and obviously transparent, so doesn’t take away from the beautiful period details. Choose heirloom glassware if you can, as the antiques will work perfectly with the building. Place these perfectly amongst your other chosen items, using tapered candles within your colour palette. Don’t spare on the flowers and ensure they are soft, seasonal and in the perfect vases or urns for your design.

When you are styling the wedding venue, it should all come fairly simply if you have created a perfect design. Be gentle in your approach and don’t over-do it. Think about the larger scale items, as well as the details, although theoretically you need less of these in a period property than you do in a blank canvas venue or marquee, for example. The elegant and romantic wedding styling that suits these venues does take precision, so ensure all place settings are in-line and take a step back and check over all of the details, ensuring all are perfect and will wow the wedding guests.

As I’ve mentioned before, stately home wedding venues are my favourite. I just love creating soft and gentle designs for them that blend with the period details. The key to achieving a beautifully designed and styled wedding day at a venue like Boconnoc is the details you think through and carefully choose. Be consistent in your choices and choose suppliers that work with your design, and you are definitely heading in the right direction. If you need some help, let me know and drop me a line here.

Thanks for reading, Amy x