Why I love being a Wedding Stylist

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I’m often asked why I do what I do. What was the reason you decided to become a wedding stylist? And what keeps you going? Why is it that you love what you do? Being a wedding designer and stylist seems glamorous - I get to see beautiful venues, play with stunning heirloom pieces and lovely flowers, sometimes even treated to sumptuous meals. So I thought today I would chat about what it is that keeps me going on the hard days when it’s nothing but admin and certainly not flowers, and why I decided to start The Timeless Stylist. Read on to hear more…

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Why I became a Wedding Stylist

Before I took a leap into becoming self-employed and running my own business, I was a PA and office manager in London for about 10 years. I just fell into the role and kept at it as I was good at it - I’m a naturally organised and attentive person - and I never considered that I would be good enough to do anything else. In my personal life I loved being creative - I would take pride in what I wore, I would enjoy crafting and making the interior of my flat just so, and I loved interior design and architecture. But I never believed I could do anything creative for a career, I just didn’t consider myself good enough or to be able to take the leap.

When I had my son in 2015, I knew I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world in London. There were a number of reasons - I was treated very poorly in my role whilst pregnant and there would be no way they would have considered flexible working, so I’d have to find childcare for my son for 5 days a week, 12 hours a day. Not to mention after trains and childcare, I would earn hardly anything. This made me look to what I WANTED to do rather that what I thought I SHOULD and COULD do. I wanted to be creative, I wanted to design, I wanted to apply my love of beautiful objects and my ability to place items just so.

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Why I love being a Wedding Stylist

So that was the why I started my business designing and styling timeless and elegant weddings and events in the UK and Europe. But my why has grown since I started. I never realised I would love doing what I do as much as I do. After years of not loving my career, I now feel incredibly grateful that what I do makes me so happy. When I am styling a tablescape, I get lost. I think about nothing else - and isn’t that what the mindful experts recommend we have in our life? I adore designing weddings and events - curating all of the decor details and finding the perfect pieces that work together to tell the story.

The majority of my work is in the wedding industry, which is an industry I have completely fell in love with. I am a born romantic, and to work with couples to help them have the most beautiful day is just wonderful. I love to help bring my couples’ visions to life, or to ignite it through my ideas. I take great pleasure in pulling together my experience, my couples’ love story and delicate touches through creating timeless and elegant weddings to remember forever. I have also met such wonderful wedding suppliers who have become friends and who I love to work with on weddings, editorials and product design and styling work.

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Why I will continue being a Wedding Stylist

I have painted a very pretty picture so far. But there is also a lot of hard work involved with running a business. I have never felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster before, but it literally feels like this as an entrepreneur. When you love what you do, when you have so much passion for it and drive to make it work, what comes with that is taking everything to heart and feeling everything so emotionally. And I am literally the creative director, marketing manager, finance manager, administrator… and all of those roles in between that are usually taken up by individual people in the corporate world.

But it’s generally wonderful. I get to set my own hours, pick my son up from pre-school and work with the most wonderful brides and grooms and wedding suppliers. It makes me happy to sit in front on my computer creating moodboards for my events and picking out all the decor elements to bring that design to life. It makes me so happy to see my couples’ faces when they see their wedding reception set up and looking beautiful and it makes me so happy fulfilling a creative role every day that I could have only dreamt of, and not only that, I am really good at it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about my story and why I love being a wedding and event designer and stylist. If you want to continue reading my blog posts and hearing more about what I do, with tips and ideas for styling your own weddings and events, you can sign up to my mailing list here. And if you are a couple or person looking to chat to me about styling your wedding or event, you can drop me a line here, and I look forward to chatting about your plans so far and how I can get involved.

Photography is by Hannah Duffy Photography and Camilla Arnhold Photography at our workshop in Boconnoc - a stunning period property in Cornwall.