A Spring Wedding Tablescape

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Timeless Wedding Design and Styling-Spring Table Decor-Vintage Brass

Hello and welcome back! Last week I wrote all about my favourite season - Spring - talking about the wonderful flowers and my styling in the Spring. This week I wanted to share with you one of my Spring tablescapes, talk about all of the elements on it and what story it is telling, along with table styling tips for you all. Read on to hear all and see all the pretty…

The Story Behind Spring Love

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Timeless Wedding Design and Styling-Spring Wedding Flowers at Boconnoc Stately Home Wedding Venue
The Timeless Stylist-Spring Tablescape Styling-Wedding Designer and Stylist
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Wedding Flowers Urn-Stately Home Wedding
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Design Table Decor
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Wedding Flowers-Blossom
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Design Table Decor-Brass Vases

This tablescape was created for Spring Love: A Fine Art Wedding Retreat, which was a wedding workshop I co-hosted with Hannah Duffy Photography - who took all of these photos. We created a retreat for wedding suppliers to learn, be inspired and to create. Key to the retreat was for our attendees to feel relaxed and welcomed, therefore the tables where we were dining were very important. We wanted our guests to sit around them and adore the styling and the food, and for it to be a space where we could all chat, tell tales and be inspired. The retreat took place at beautiful Boconnoc in Cornwall.

Spring Love was at the heart of all my designs. For me Spring represents a new start, an awakening and hope. I love to see the bulbs popping up, little shoots springing and the buds on the trees, and I wanted all of these to be at the forefront of the design. Blossom was a must for me and the flowers were to be kept wild, organic, simple and unstructured. I feel like Spring has a gentle, slow start and I wanted this to show within the whole look. A neutral palette was a must with lots of clean whites with fresh greens, which I feel is the perfect colour scheme for Spring.

The Details

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Design Table Decor-Gold Cutlery
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Design Wedding Tables-Neutral Palette with Brass
The Timeless Stylist-Spring Wedding Tablescape at Bocnnoc Stately Home Wedding Venue
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant and Timeless Dinner Party Tablescape-Stately Home Venue
The Timeless Stylist-Neutral Palette Spring Wedding Table
The Timeless Stylist-White and Gold Plates-Gold Cutlery

I have to admit that I spend a lot of time thinking about the design of my tablescapes. They are very important to me and it is vital that I get all of the elements just right, so they are elevated from a standard tablescape to a beautifully elegant and exquisite one. One key design factor is consistency. When I am thinking about all of the details I ensure I am consistent with the pieces that I choose - from the metals through to the colour shades and from the style of the pieces through to the stationery design. Each element needs to work with each other and work as a whole to create something beautiful.

When picking out all of these elements I also got back to the story and concept. I need each and every item to work together to build the story and work for what I am looking to create. So all of the items on this table needed to be delicate and gentle, to work in harmony with the flowers to capture the overall tale of Spring all that the season brings. It is also so very important that the design works in the venue, as you can have a beautiful styled table but if it doesn’t work within the venue and in harmony with the venue’s details, the overall design will fall short.

The Flowers

The Timeless Stylist-Spring Wedding Flowers-Boconnoc Elegant Wedding
The Timeless Stylist-Spring Wedding Tablescape
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding Tablescape-Neutral Palette
The Timeless Stylist-Blossom and Bulbs on Spring Wedding Tables
The Timeless Stylist-Brass Vase-Spring Table Styling
The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Wedding Flowers

I believe the flowers to be one of the most important parts of a design - they will bring everything together, if they are chosen right and with the concept in mind throughout. Spring flowers are my absolute favourite, and so we were so lucky with all we had to choose for this table design. The whole palette was neutral - to depict the calming and gentle season of Spring - and so the flowers needed to remain in this palette. Key for me was lots of blossom to be featured and the flowers to be seen to be springing up, loose and ethereal and for bulbs to play a key part.

With all of this in mind, Brigitte of Moss and Stone created these clever creations that worked just perfectly for our Spring Love table design. The flowers were kept very neutral, with lots of greens, and they were kept loose and wild and organic. Brigitte placed muscari and white narcissus in my brass antique bowls with moss, along with shooting ranunculus in my little brass egg cups. Blossom played a key part, with it springing up across the table, and lastly a beautiful bulb was placed on each place setting as the perfect finishing touch to depict the season of Spring.

I adored this finished table design and the guests loved it too. All elements worked perfectly together and the amount of time that I spent designing it paid off. All of the gold and brass worked so perfectly to elevate the design to show simple elegance that worked perfectly with the flower design. The two things that I would urge anyone to bear in mind to achieve such a design is consistency and flowers. Pay attention to every single element you are choosing and ensure your florist is inline with you and aware what you are looking to achieve, and you are onto a winner.

The beautiful tableware was from Duchess & Butler, the napkins were from Silk and Purl and the stunning stationery from Fine Art Calligraphy. I always carefully choose all of the elements from suppliers I have worked with before that I know have the same ethos, and who I know will create the perfect pieces for my concept. I love to work with these people in my wedding design and styling too, giving my couples faith that all of the styled elements will be perfectly chosen and be right for their wedding design that I have created.

I would love to know what you think about my Spring Love tablescape? Did you like the bowls of MUscari with moss and the little bulbs on each of the place settings? For me these just finished it all off perfectly. Let me know below what you think and I would love to hear from you if you have any questions on any of what I wrote about in this post. Perhaps you have questions on wedding design and styling? Perhaps you would love to chat to me about the services I offer? Either way, drop me a line here and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading, Amy x