My Favourite Season - The Spring

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Stylist-Spring Wedding-Blossom

Hello! So blossom season is nearly over and I couldn’t not write about my favourite time in the UK - when all the beautiful blousy blossom is on the trees - little pink and white fluffy clouds. My favourite thing about the UK is the seasons - getting cosy in front of an open fire in the winter, the signs of awakening and renewal in the Spring, the longer and lighter evening with BBQs in the Summer and the stunning colours of the Autumn. Spring has to be my favourite though, and it inspires me in all that I do…

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Wedding and Event Styling-Spring Tablescape

Spring is incredible isn’t it? The changes that suddenly pop up after the bleak and bare winter months. It feels special and brings a sense of a fresh start. I enjoy seeing all of the shoots, the buds on the trees, the lambs in the field. I think my favourite thing about Spring has to be the flowers. Flowers hold a very special place in my heart and they play a big part in all of my work. I believe them to be a key part in all event and wedding design and love them all, but especially the Spring flowers.

Aren’t the petals on ranunculus just beautiful? And the star shape of the magnolia? The delicate tiny petals of the blossom that fall to the floor with the lightest touch. Hellebores are a new favourite of mine and come in so many pretty shades. I love to place stocks and tulips around my house in pale colours, and in late Spring you get the famous peonies. All of these stunning flowers, plus many more. Using these on tablescapes for my events and weddings brings me so much joy.

The Timeless Stylist-Elegant Event and Wedding Design and Styling-Blossom-Spring Wedding

The beautiful soft shades in the Spring lend themselves perfectly to my gentle and elegant design and styling. I work with florists that love using seasonal flowers and have fun playing with them and creating beautifully wild and organic creations in antique vases and vessels. They work with the natural beauty of the flowers and don’t make anything too stiff or contrived. Using seasonal flowers are also environmentally friendly, because you are not flying in flowers and are using UK home-grown.

Using the softer shades of the Spring flowers works perfectly with the neutral palettes I like to use in my wedding design and styling. I love neutral palettes as the overall look I achieve with them is so elegant and timeless. Within the design I incorporate delicate touches of soft fabrics, beautiful calligraphy on cotton rag paper, antique brass or glass candle holder and beautiful tableware that works with the whole scheme. It is very important to me that each item compliments one another.

The Timeless Stylist-Wedding Table Styling-Spring Wedding

When designing for weddings, events and editorials I create a story and remember this throughout the whole planning stage. Spring brings so much loveliness that it offers so many opportunities of inspiration for story-telling. I wanted the above tablescape to be the epitome of Spring, and so we used potted bulbs and sprouting flowers shooting up over the table in a beautifully organic way. To soften the look, lots of gold and brass was used and the palette remained neutral.

The great thing about Spring is that there is so much to play with and love, so much joy to be had in all that it brings. A Spring wedding is just so beautiful with all the details of nature and the flowers to use. Plus the scenery around you is ever-changing and offering trees full of blossom, magnolia, lilac, wisteria - the list goes on. It’s such a beautiful time of year and one that will forever make me feel happy and fill me full of inspiration for my designs.

What about you - what’s your favourite season? And what is it about it that you love? Drop me a line here and tell me. And if you are having a Spring wedding or event, let me know how I can help you.