How to Create a Wedding Design Moodboard

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard

Hello you lovely lot, today I'm chatting to you about one of my favourite things to do - moodboarding. But this time I created one that is much more fun than my usual electronic versions, it was created from cut outs, flowers, ribbons & material and colour swatches. Let me show you what I created and how I put it together, and perhaps you can have a go at creating one too?

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Designer-UK Wedding Stylist-Romantic and Elegant Wedding Styling South East England
The Timeless Stylist-Romantic and Elegant Wedding Styling-Wedding Design UK

Before I start any moodboard I like to seek inspiration, usually from being outside, or perhaps from an old and beautiful building, or it may be just from an idea popping into my head. Then I like to write it all down, really thinking of the ideas that will bring the moodboard to life.

If it is for a wedding design, I will have spoken to my couple at length and ideally have seen them at their chosen wedding venue. I will have found out about them as a couple and what their styling wishes are for their wedding day, if they have any at this point, and all of this will be incorporated into my design. If the couple have no real ideas of how they want their wedding day to look, we will have a brainstorming session before any concept is discussed.

The Timeless Stylist-Wedding Design Moodboard-UK Wedding Design and Styling-Romantic and Elegant Wedding
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard-Dusky Pink Fine Art Wedding
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard-Dusky Pinks

Once I have jotted down all of my inspiration and really thought about the concept behind the design, the fun begins. Pinterest is my initial source of choice for images and the items to use in the moodboard, but you can also use magazines, Instagram, web searches and anything dotted around your home. 

When I initially think about the inspiration, I would have thought about the colour palette and textures I would be using to encapsulate my design. The colour palette is extremely important to me and I remember this in all of my design and whilst I tend to go further than just two strict shades, in all of the chosen images for the moodboard they will reflect the chosen colours. This is especially important when working with other wedding suppliers, as they will know exactly what you are aiming for from seeing your wedding design moodboard.

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard-Romantic Fine Art Wedding
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard-Dusky Pink Heirloom Wedding

Within my moodboards I like to think about all of the details that will be incorporated into the design, so if this is for a wedding it will be focussed on the main styling elements - such as the tablescape, wedding flowers, cake etc. I also like to bring in details that will showcase the feeling of the whole wedding day, such as bridal shots or whole scenes that tell the story of what the styling will achieve. Don't forget to never lose focus on your concept and what you are looking to portray. 

I like to gather a number of images before selecting the final few, and I will play around with what works well. It is also important to me that these images have a similar photography style and that they work together. I want the finished moodboard to be really obvious in what I will be achieving in my wedding styling and for it to wow in its design and thought-out layout.

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Wedding Design Moodboard-Dusky Pink Romantic English Wedding

This is my finished moodboard and can you see what I mean in terms of a similar photography style, and to incorporate a range of wedding elements into your design to really showcase what you will be achieving at the end point when styling the wedding? I really enjoyed putting this on the wall, and playing around with the different images to see what worked next to each other.

Finally I added ribbons to portray textures and pattern, I brought the colours to life with swatches and I chose a single flower that would work with the whole design. I just love these colours and I think they work beautifully together and the overall design is soft, romantic, elegant and enticing. It nods to fine art whilst being paired back enough to be achievable for a relaxed and beautiful wedding day.

So what do you think about my wedding design moodboard? Do you think it's something you could create for yourself? Or perhaps you would like me to create one for you? 

I have a new package that incorporates me creating a moodboard for you, and then I go one step further and will create a look-book for your wedding day - which is a moodboard page for each of the styling elements of your wedding day. I will send you this along with 3 recommended suppliers for each of those elements, so for example 3 recommended florists, 3 recommended cake designers, and so on...

You can see this package and all of my wedding styling packages here and if you would like to learn more about what I do and how I can help you, please do drop me a line here.

Thanks for reading, Amy x