Rebranding to The Timeless Stylist

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Designing Elegant and Romantic Weddings-Brand Shoot

Hello you lovely lot, this week I'm talking all about my rebrand to The Timeless Stylist and why I chose to change my name and grow. I'm not going to chat too much about why my old name and branding was not working, but more about why I chose my new name, how much I love my new branding and what I will be up to as The Timeless Stylist...

The Timeless Stylist-Branding-Timeless Logo-UK Wedding Styling

It is really important to grow as a brand and reflect that. Over my year and a half in business I have done this, and for the last few months I have developed my own style and I needed branding to reflect this. I chose my name after looking at all the words that meant something to me, looking at all of the words that were incorporated into all of my work - and timeless was the word that kept coming up.

It is so important for me that my work will look as beautiful in 20 years' time as it does today. I want my couples to love their wedding design, to be bowled over by the styling I have created and to still have those feelings when they look at their wedding photos every year. I don't follow trends, I take beautifully heirloom pieces and pair them with classic styling and gentle details, to create a romantic and elegant wedding day that is above all timeless.

The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Branding-Romantic and Timeless Wedding Design
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Branding-Elegant and Romantic Wedding Design
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Branding-Soft and Gentle Wedding Design
The Timeless Stylist-UK Wedding Styling-Branding-Timeless Wedding Design

When I start my wedding designs I absolutely love to create moodboards, and recently I created this beautiful one to work with my new branding. Often my moodboards will be created electronically, but it was lovely to put one on the wall and play with all the images I chose as inspiration. The images I chose were all timeless in design, with soft and gentle elements, romantic touches and with a fine art style. 

Just like creating moodboards for my couples' wedding styling, my lovely brand designer created me this moodboard for my branding. I knew straight away that she had got me and my brand. This moodboard really spoke to me and it was perfect to reflect the styles, tones and colours I like to use within my wedding design and styling too.

The Timeless Stylist-Branding Moodboard-UK Wedding Styling-Romantic and Elegant Wedding Design

I love what was created for me by lovely and clever Nicki at Branding By Nicki - my brief was simple; romantic, clean, soft, gentle, elegant, classic and above all, timeless. I think she definitely captured this and I love the typography with the script, with lots of white space.

I've reflected this in my new website, and you can see the clean lines, lots of space and paired back feel here on my home page. I needed a look and feel that reflected what I create for my couples within my wedding design - paired back, stylish, non-cluttered, gentle with clever details and soft and dreamy tones and colours. 

The Timeless Stylist-Branding-UK Wedding Styling-Romantic and Elegant Wedding Design
The Timeless Stylist Branding-UK Wedding Design and Styling
The Timeless Stylist-Branding-UK Wedding Styling
The Timeless Stylist Branding-Typography and Script Logo-UK Wedding Design and Styling

So what's in store for The Timeless Stylist? Well overall I haven't changed, I am still the same hopeless romantic that loves to create dreamy and romantic wedding styling. I have lots of lovely weddings coming up as well as more inspiration shoots for you all. I have a feature in Rock My Wedding and Brides coming up soon, which I can't wait to show you all. Also I will be running workshops and working directly with wedding venues. But never forgetting what I love - designing and styling elegant and romantic weddings using heirloom pieces for couples who want a beautiful and romantic day they will remember forever.

If you would love my help creating this timelessly styled wedding day, I would love to hear from you and you can get in contact here. Also I'd love to know what you think of my new name and branding!?

The Timeless Stylist-Romantic and Elegant Branding-UK Wedding Design and Styling

Thanks for reading, Amy x

PS. Thanks to lovely Tia Talula PhotographyBranding By Nicki and Claire Graham Photography