Why I love being a Wedding Stylist

I’m often asked why I do what I do. What was the reason you decided to become a wedding stylist? And what keeps you going? Why is it that you love what you do? Being a wedding designer and stylist seems glamorous. I get to see beautiful venues, play with stunning heirloom pieces and lovely flowers, sometimes even treated to sumptuous meals. So I thought today I would chat about what it is that keeps me going on the hard days when it’s nothing but admin, and why I decided to start The Timeless Stylist. Read on to hear more…

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An Elegant Autumnal Wedding - Part 1

Hello and welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you some inspiration for an elegant Autumnal wedding. Autumn is beautiful, and it is a wonderful time of the year for a wedding, with its trees turning colour, pretty late afternoon light, an abundance of nature and it is when we all get a bit more cosy with additional layers. I believe a gentle nod towards the current season is the way to go with elegant wedding design and styling.

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My First Year as a Wedding Stylist

Happy new year, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to write about my 2017, to show you all that went on for Vintage Amy last year, as it was my first year in business and rather a good one, if I do say so myself! So below is a round-up of some of the highlights of my year, from styled shoots to real weddings and beyond...

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Vintage Luxe Reception Details Part 1: Tablescape

In December’s Perfect Wedding magazine, I was lucky enough to have a double-page feature, showcasing a styled wedding shoot I worked on back in the summer. This shoot was designed to inspire readers to use vintage at their weddings in a fresh and modern way, and to provide some inspirational images for styling your wedding reception. Want to take a peek at more of the images? Here is the wedding table design I put together and next week will be the dessert dresser and table plan…

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8 Styling Tips for your Wedding, Home & Beyond

Hello again, lovelies. Thanks for popping by! In this week's post I'm giving you some styling tips that apply for weddings, interiors & home styling, and can generally be applied for all sorts of styling.

Take a peek below for my 8 tips, along with pics to show you what I mean, and let me know what you think...

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My Boot Sale Top Tips and Fave Vintage Finds for Weddings and Home Styling

I love a boot sale and would probably go to one every day if I could / had enough 20ps. You can find so many gems of all sorts - fruit & veg, plants, kids' toys, bacon butties... but obviously the reason for why I love them so much is for all the vintage treasures. Vintage prop/decor hunting is at its best at boot sales and I have found some of my favourite pieces at them.

Let me show you some of my pieces that I use in my wedding styling ...

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