Why I love being a Wedding Stylist

I’m often asked why I do what I do. What was the reason you decided to become a wedding stylist? And what keeps you going? Why is it that you love what you do? Being a wedding designer and stylist seems glamorous. I get to see beautiful venues, play with stunning heirloom pieces and lovely flowers, sometimes even treated to sumptuous meals. So I thought today I would chat about what it is that keeps me going on the hard days when it’s nothing but admin, and why I decided to start The Timeless Stylist. Read on to hear more…

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6 Top Tips for Making Your Own Moodboard

Hello lovely people. I’m back this week and as promised, I’m talking about how I put my moodboards together. Last week I chatted about the ‘why’ behind the moodboard. Why they are a very important part of the wedding design process and how you can use them, and you can read the post here. So this week I wanted to share my top tips on how I create them. I love making moodboards for my wedding couples and my editorial shoots, so hopefully this can help you with your moodboards too, to be used within your wedding design and wedding planning. So read on for my top tips…

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Why Creating a Moodboard is so Important for your Wedding

Hello you lovely lot and welcome back. This week I’ve decided to talk about my favourite thing - moodboarding. I’ve spoken about it before in various way, but this week I’m going to be talking about why it is such an important part when you are designing anything - a home, an event, a shop, a launch, a photography shoot and of course, a wedding. For now I’m going to talk about the why, and all that is behind it, and next week I’m going to talk about the how - and give you some guidance on how to create one for yourself and how to use it in the best possible way for your wedding planning. But for now let’s chat about why creating a moodboard is so important in the design stage of your wedding planning…

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Setting the Tone of your Wedding Day

Hello lovely people. Today I’m popping back on to chat to you all about setting the tone for your wedding day. It’s a very important part if you care about how the day will feel to your guests and if you are keen to have a consistent look and feel throughout the day, that is super stylish but beautifully elegant and romantic. So I’m going to give you some hints and tips on working on this from the very beginning and throughout your wedding planning, in order to have the most elegant and romantic wedding day of your dreams.

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How to Create a Wedding Design Moodboard

Hello you lovely lot, today I'm chatting to you about one of my favourite things to do - moodboarding. But this time I created one that is much more fun than my usual electronic versions, it was created from cut outs, flowers, ribbons & material, and colour swatches. Let me show you what I created and how I put it together, and perhaps you can have a go at creating one too?

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My First Year as a Wedding Stylist

Happy new year, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to write about my 2017, to show you all that went on for Vintage Amy last year, as it was my first year in business and rather a good one, if I do say so myself! So below is a round-up of some of the highlights of my year, from styled shoots to real weddings and beyond...

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Vintage Luxe Reception Details Part 1: Tablescape

In December’s Perfect Wedding magazine, I was lucky enough to have a double-page feature, showcasing a styled wedding shoot I worked on back in the summer. This shoot was designed to inspire readers to use vintage at their weddings in a fresh and modern way, and to provide some inspirational images for styling your wedding reception. Want to take a peek at more of the images? Here is the wedding table design I put together and next week will be the dessert dresser and table plan…

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8 Styling Tips for your Wedding, Home & Beyond

Hello again, lovelies. Thanks for popping by! In this week's post I'm giving you some styling tips that apply for weddings, interiors & home styling, and can generally be applied for all sorts of styling.

Take a peek below for my 8 tips, along with pics to show you what I mean, and let me know what you think...

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My Boot Sale Top Tips and Fave Vintage Finds for Weddings and Home Styling

I love a boot sale and would probably go to one every day if I could / had enough 20ps. You can find so many gems of all sorts - fruit & veg, plants, kids' toys, bacon butties... but obviously the reason for why I love them so much is for all the vintage treasures. Vintage prop/decor hunting is at its best at boot sales and I have found some of my favourite pieces at them.

Let me show you some of my pieces that I use in my wedding styling ...

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4 Years Later, Our Romantic Vintage Wedding

What better day to share with you my wedding photos than on my wedding anniversary!? Yep, happy 4 years to us, and time really does fly - I can't believe it, it only feels like 1-2 years ago! We had the most beautiful day, it was personal, romantic and fun - everything I believe a wedding should be. Our guests still talk about it, and what more can you ask for!? Looking through these photos for this post makes me feel so happy. I hope you'll get some inspiration from them for your big day, or just enjoy the pics!

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Fancy an Elegant Vintage Wedding? Take a peek at my vintage china styling...

I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't leave your best in the cupboards to gather dust. Get those pretties out, use them and display them, and if you're anything like me, you'll love to use them for pretty pictures too!

As I have an array of vintage china at my home, some special bits of my own and items from my prop cupboard that I like to use when they're not being hired out, I love to have my tea & cake in/on them, and to use them as often as I can. 

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Bright & Bold Vintage Wedding Inspiration, Part 1

As you know, I'm all for a neutral palette, or pretty pastels, for your wedding day. But here at Vintage Amy I'm not afraid to try something a little different to give all you bride-to-bes and vintage lovers some further inspiration for your wedding day, event or just for fun.

So a couple of months ago a wonderful team and I packed up our things to spend the day at Eridge Village Hall, where we were to transform the venue into a riot of colour with bold and fun looks for your big day, of course using my beloved vintage. I crafted a few little things for it too, and here you can see the results...

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